Like so many of us, we’re breathing out a sigh of relief as we welcome in the spring season. We’re more than ready for brighter and bluer skies, longer days, fresh spring mornings and of course, flowers bursting into bloom.

As the dark wintery days fade and lightness returns, the uplifting feeling of spring gives us renewed energy and inspires us to refresh our lives and our home to prepare for the upcoming season.

We’ve complied our favourite ways to refresh our homes for spring.

Floral silk cushions

Adding colour and pattern

Just a few touches of colour can instantly refresh your space, adding vibrancy and interest. Whether it’s a piece of art or a bold floral cushion, swapping out some of your usual décor temporarily with a few colourful accent pieces will add an instant spring factor to your home.

Don’t forget flowers. Colourful fresh flowers on your kitchen island, breakfast table or side table are guaranteed to bring pops of spring colour into your home, keep it simple with spring classics like tulips, daffodils or hyacinths.

Bringing the outside in

Spring temperatures often aren’t quite warm enough to be spending all your time outdoors. Instead, bringing the outside indoors will help to kickstart that spring feeling and lift your home out of winter hibernation even while it’s still a little chilly.

Start by opening your windows or patio doors to refresh the air in your home. Be sure to give your windows a clean so that even when they’re shut the view of the outside becomes clearer and brighter.

The most simple yet impactful way to bring the outdoors in is by filling your living space with plants. Known for their health benefits, indoor plants will not only create a connection to the outside and add colour to your space, but help to purify the air and reduce stress levels. Don’t forget to do your research and consider your space, what conditions do your plants need to thrive? Start with easy-to-care-for plants like spider plants, aloe vera, succulents, snake plant and peace lily.

Natural materials will help to add a touch of nature to your indoor spaces, think rattan baskets, wooden bowls or décor or linen cushions.

Embroidered linen cushions in black and white

Wardrobe declutter

Not only is a wardrobe declutter a chance to simplify and organise, it’s also a prime opportunity to become more aware of what you already have. Seeing your trimmed down wardrobe with fresh eyes can help you to recognise your individual style and inform future purchasing decisions. Whether you’re throwing an item out because it’s damaged, it never really suited your style, or you’ve simply fallen out of love with it, use this opportunity to evaluate so that next time you’re hovering over the ‘add to basket’ button, ask yourself:

  • Will this go out of style by next year?
  • Do I already have something like this?
  • Can I create outfits with it using what I already have?
  • Is it good quality and will it last me?

For the pieces you do decide to part with, try to find new homes for them. Try a clothes swap, offer to family and friends, sell your clothing second-hand, donate to a women’s or homeless shelter. If you have good quality items, you can donate these to a local charity shop.

While it may not be easy, a wardrobe declutter will leave you feeling lighter and your wardrobe rejuvenated, ready to pick out your outfits for the spring weather ahead.

Light floral scents

This one might feel a little odd at first as you would usually associate candles with dark, cosy evenings next to a fire right? Well we love lighting candles even as it gets lighter and we suggest you try it too. Fresh floral scented candles will awaken your indoor space and give the air a scent of spring.

Our collection of luxury scented candles come in three delicate scents inspired by floral scents of India; Rose, Jasmine and Queen of the Night.  Infused into a coconut and rapeseed mineral blend, the candles will fill your rooms with floaty floral fragrance perfect for springtime.

Luxury floral scented candles