Shakera’s talents lie in the creation of extraordinary print designs pulled from the natural fauna and flora in her surroundings, both from her colourful childhood in India to her bucolic life in the English countryside.

The rich cultural heritage provides a strong complement to Shakera’s dedication to quality craftsmanship. This diverges into two arms: selecting manufacturers who comply with the highest standards in manufacturing, and constantly experimenting with new and traditional methods and techniques. These elements provide the foundation for a truly luxury experience, delivering the consumer a product that combines the best in design practice, fabric quality with a unique aesthetic.

Pen to Paper

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Pen to Paper

A Fascinating Journey. From the terrace, Shakera would look onto the riotous clamour of food vendors, festive revellers, and tradespeople in a colourful kaleidoscope of Indian city life. To her kitchen window and the rustic display of brazen game birds, daffodils, daisies and sunflowers, and badgers making molehills in the lawn. Shakera's story underlies her art and the memories, sights, and smells inform the inspiration of Shakera’s designs, translating into a symphony of shape, colour and texture.

Traditional Techniques. A sketchbook in one hand and a pen in the other, many of Shakera’s designs start as hand drawn works of art. Capturing natural beauty in the black lines and white spaces, Shakera then introduces paint – acrylic, watercolour, gouache – to bring the drawings to life.

Endless Innovation. The union of design and material is one bred of passion and exploration. Bringing her scarves to life is the culmination of long held skills in embroidery, tailoring and colour matching, with the education from her studies in modern textile methods. With our chosen manufacturers, Shakera seeks those who share her understanding and can help her challenge the limits of what is done and what she desires.

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Finest Quality

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Finest Quality

For Shaku, it is our partnership with quality craftsmen that allows Shakera to bring her designs to life in a manner that meets her expectations and her desires. From the selection of textiles with the finest quality fibres that complement the motifs in her designs, to the matching of colour to dyes that capture the vitality of her paintings, these processes are only successful through a close partnership with our manufacturers.

Our manufacturers are artisans, skilled craftsmen who study, experiment, and adopt new production techniques, technologies, and printing processes in tandem with traditional methods to create products that are true to the Shaku ethos.

For our scarves, they are wrought in Como 'the City of Silk', in Italy – a region renowned worldwide for its manufacture of silk and luxury textiles. A close partnership has resulted in a fabulous exploration of textiles and techniques, truly working in harmony with Shakera and her designs.