Responsible & Natural

Our Promise

Responsible & Natural

Shaku designs are brought to life primarily using natural threads such as silk, cashmere and cotton. We do not print on any polyesters or polyester blends.

We never mass produce. Our limited edition production runs mean that not only is your Shaku piece a truly rare and unique piece, but textile waste is significantly minimised. Material that is discarded during the manufacturing process is collected and used as secondary raw material.

Faulty pieces are given new life. Shaku scarves are timeless luxury pieces, and we want our customers to be confident that they will receive an item that is no less than perfect. To this end, all items are subject to a strict quality control process which can detect minor flaws in the material. Unfortunately, these imperfect pieces are rejected from our saleable stock. We believe that it would be a devastating waste to simply discard or destroy this material so instead Shakera gets innovative; collaborating with artisans to bring her designs back to life in the form of new luxury accessories and homewares.

Elegance is a natural dimension that moves in unison with respect for the environment, telling a story of craftmanship and beauty that is rooted in people

Our Manufacturer
Ethical & sustainable practices

Our Manufacturers

Ethical & sustainable practices

Dyeing & Printing
From an eco-sustainability point of view, dyeing and printing is a particularly complex phase of production but is the one through which the designers intricate creations comes to life. Our manufacturers use non-toxic dyes and chemicals throughout the production cycle and have recently joined as contributor to the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC), an initiative to eliminate harmful chemical substances.

Consumption of raw materials
Our manufacturers are continuously looking for innovative ways to reduce their consumption of raw materials. This includes the quantity of chemical products used for fabrics. Traditional printing methods have proved to be more respectful to the environment, saving 40% of chemicals and 19% of the energy used in the processing of silk, compared to inkjet printing.

Social Responsibility
Adhering to a strong Code of Ethics, our manufacturers have a high standard of social responsibility and fair labour rights. They have undertaken a journey to achieve the highest standards and corporate certifications to guarantee employees a working environment that is ethical and resists exploitation. These certifications cover safety in the workplace, social and environmental responsibility and extend to the entire supply chain. Suppliers are required to adhere to the Code of Ethics and ensure the same principles are applied to their employees, subcontractors and third parties. Specific criteria are set for countries where there is risk of child labour.

Eco Friendly

Our Packaging

Eco Friendly

When you purchase a Shaku scarf, we want your unboxing experience to be special. Our luxury coral scarf boxes have been mindfully designed to achieve that magical feeling, without harming the environment.

Our branded boxes, sleeves, envelopes and tags are FSC certified and 100% recyclable. All our postal boxes and paper are either made from recycled materials or FSC certified. The tape we use is 100% recyclable and made with natural rubber adhesive and packing nuts are made from 100% biodegradable starch.