Our story takes us from the opulent colours of the exotic Indian peninsula, across the mediterranean to Lake Como where traditional silk techniques meet unrivalled printing methods, to England where our founder recreates the lush idyll of the countryside in pen, paint, and paper. Here cultural identity exists beyond borders and it is not about where you are from but the collective experiences that enable your vision. Shaku takes the scarf on this journey to create a truly luxurious accessory: an integration of the different, an act that should be treasured.

India, England, Italy.
It reads like a bucket list but in fact, this is the origin story of emerging brand, Shaku. Based in London, Shaku charts an extraordinary story of craftsmanship and skill through the eyes of founder and designer, Shakera Tayub.

Born in Mumbai, India, Shakera, her nickname was ‘Shaku’, comes from a long line of skilled tailors and needlewomen, where embroidery and dressmaking were not just passions but indispensable livelihoods. Supporting her mother and aunt, young Shakera would visit the dazzling textile markets and learn how to differentiate quality and skill in materials, dyes, and craft. Surrounded by colour, each shade of tulle, pigment and spice informed a growing palette of rich vibrant colour that echoes today through every Shaku design.

Sent to England when just 19, Shakera discovered the beauty of the verdant hills and meadows littered with wildflowers sparkling in the sun. From curly tipped peonies and gloriously vibrant dahlias in her garden, to lavender bushes buzzing with bees in peak summer, a glorious inspiration was at her fingertips. Notebook in hand, Shakera recreated this lush idyll in pencil, pen and paint.

Bold and beautiful, Shakera’s drawings bring the opulent colours of the exotic Indian peninsular in intricately detailed floral masterpieces. Such designs form the basis of her collection of luxury scarves, quite literally wearable works of art. Pairing such exquisite design with exquisite craftsmanship and materials was not just necessary, but the only way for Shakera to stay true to her personal values of conscious quality and respect for her art.

In northern Italy, Shakera discovered the exceptional craftsmanship she yearned for to help bring her art to life. Within seconds of meeting, it was clear that Shakera’s knowledge and love of craft had found a home. Renowned for the silk craft, and centuries old print and weaving traditions, a prestigious manufacturer from the ‘City of Silk’ Como helps Shakera pair her designs with their perfect match. Perhaps the most remarkable element of this all is that a manufacturer who only works with the most luxurious fashion houses found in Shakera, the belief that her design and her know-how was worthy of their skill and time.

Each scarf is a testament to Shakera’s story and her love for design and craftsmanship. Shaku takes the scarf on this journey to create a truly luxurious accessory; an integration of the different, an act that should be treasured.