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Jasmine Small Candle

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In times of celebration, the sweet fragrance of Indian jasmine was Shakera’s only perfume. A symbol of prosperity and future success, garlands of jasmine buds are worn in the hair at Indian weddings and festivals.

Intense jasmine scent is complemented with a touch of ylang-ylang and orange blossom to create a gentle and sweet fragrance.

In Scotland, the scent is infused into a blend of rapeseed and coconut mineral wax, then hand-poured and set in bespoke fine bone china pots. Each pot is crafted at the hands of skilled ceramicists in Staffordshire, complete with Shakera's intricate, hand-drawn illustration inspired by the scent.

As the candle burns, the flame gives a spectacular warm glow through the vessel which illuminates the design from within. When finished, you are left with a beautiful keepsake intended to be treasured for years to come.


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