Silk Georgette

Floral Monochrome White Scarf



Delicately drawn, floral motifs are placed against a backdrop of white silk. Each flower has been lovingly drawn by our Designer, Shakera, to show the beauty of each petal in exquisite detail. 

Crafted at the hands of Italian craftspeople in Lake Como, feather-light silk georgette is printed with Shakera's original design using premium, non-toxic dyes and finished with finely rolled edges. Impossibly delicate but strong, the fabric has a semi-sheer quality and luxurious ethereal feel. Combined with the long, slim silhouette the material falls effortlessly to create a feminine drape.

Wear to suit your style: as an elegant shawl, around the head, knotted across the neck or tied into a top.

Available also in Monochrome Black.

Hand Drawn by Shakera
Designer | Founder | Mother