Scented Candle

Queen of the Night Large Candle


Our Queen of the Night scented candle embodies the gorgeous scent of those eponymous Indian flowers, renowned for their sweet fragrance when they bloom. An event occurring only under the cover of night, to draw all - animal and human - towards their beautiful crisp fragrance. Even in candle form, this scent is most beloved - with customers purchasing time and time again.

Plant based, the rapeseed and coconut mineral wax burns wonderfully, clean and even, with an excellent scent throw. Expect to enjoy the candle, lit and unlit. 

Once the candle finishes, you are left with the delightful decorative bone china pot and lid. Fully reusable, dishwasher safe and food safe, you can reuse your pot in a myriad of ways!

Your candle includes:

  • 300g scented wax
  • Cotton wick
  • Bone china pot and matching lid
  • FSC certified and recyclable hard box packaging