As we lead up to World Environment Day this Saturday the 5th of June, we wanted to demonstrate the five key ways in which Shaku aims to keep sustainable.

#1 Slow Fashion

With strong principles in conscious quality and responsible manufacturing, Shaku adopts a slow fashion approach. Using the finest natural materials combined with ethical labour, we aim to provide our customers with long-lasting, timeless accessories that can be adored for many years to come.

#2 Scarf Manufacturing

All of our luxury silk scarves are produced with the environment in the forefront of our minds, which is why we opt to use natural threads such as silk, cashmere and cotton, as well as non-toxic dyes and chemicals throughout the production phase. We work closely with our manufacturers in an ongoing effort towards sustainable practices, minimising textile waste and limiting production runs in the process.

#3 Re-useable Candle Pots

Way back in the infant stages of design, Shakera planned for the hand-decorated vessels of our scented candles to be a keepsake concept, treasured for many years to come. With myriad ingenious ways in which our delightful bone china pots can be re-used, whether it’s to store jewellery, hairclips, pens and pencils, to home a miniature plant or cactus, or even to serve a delicate chilled dessert, the possibilities are endless.

#4 Upcycled Cushions

As a luxury lifestyle brand, we believe that our customers should receive only the finest quality garments. Therefore, each of our products are put through a rigorous quality-control process to identify any imperfections they may have, sadly, any inadequate pieces do not make it to our saleable stock.

However, we strongly believe that faulty pieces should be given new life, so instead of simply discarding the material, Shakera teams up with skilled craftspeople to bring her designs back to life in the form of stunning upcycled silk cushions. With a limited amount produced, each of our delightful floral cushion is a unique piece worthy of treasuring.

#5 Recyclable Packaging

We want your unboxing experience to be special with each and every Shaku purchase, and our stunning coral boxes have been carefully designed to achieve that exciting feeling, without causing any harm to the environment. Here's a breakdown of how our packaging materials are sustainable.

  • Branded boxes, tags, envelopes and sleeves are FSC certified and 100% recyclable
  • Postal boxes and paper are either FSC certified or made from recycled materials
  • All tape used is 100% recyclable and made with natural rubber adhesive
  • Packing nuts are made from 100% biodegradable starch

We recognise that there's still a long way to go in our efforts to protect the environment, but we maintain our pledge to produce stunning, rare and long-lasting items that are made responsibly. Join us now and take action towards a healthier environment.

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