Preparation for Christmas starts in early December, for some of us even earlier. When thinking about Christmas, the first that comes to our mind is the excitement of opening the gifts in a magical home. Creating a festive mood is always stressful with all the planning that Christmas involves. Finding a perfect gift for your loved ones, decorating your home and hosting friends and family, needs planning and time to fulfil everything perfectly. This Christmas, we will help you decorate your home and find the perfect gift for your loved ones that will make their home magical. Our home decorations are unique and hold an individual story that suits every home interior.

Let me introduce our new home collection and guide you to achieving the best Christmas home designs with Shaku.


The black and white palette fits every home interior perfectly and brings elegance and beauty. Our soft cushions are designed with love and for you to be comfortable while watching the Christmas movie with your family or while having a glass of red wine with your friends. The floral cushion collection of Shaku combines the different size knitted and printed cushions that are handmade and detail-oriented. The flowers on each of them are hold an individual story that inspired Shakera. It is not only having a comfortable and beautiful cushion, but to have a valuable piece of art.

To start styling your sofa, purchase our Lei Black Cushion that carries the spirit of Hawaiian, colourful lei that is the symbol and gift for the guests when arriving in Hawaii. Treat your friends to this beautiful symbol of aloha and share the love by welcoming them to your home.

With our Lei Black Cushion, we suggest putting the Meadow White Cushion that brings elegance and joy. Styling different size and type cushions make your home rich and glamorous. Therefore, our printed, embroidered and knitted cushions on your sofa are perfect to achieve the feeling of home comfort.


Lei White Cushion, Meadow White Cushion and Sweet Vista Cushion are the best match for each other as they are different size and type. Depending on the size of the sofa, we suggest putting as many as you need, as cushions create warmth and cosiness during Christmas times and are the best accessories to decorate your place. They are perfect to hug and get cosy during the cold days of winter.



Did you know that we launched our first knitted blanket? Floral Figment Knitted Blanket is the decor that you need to feel the warmth of home. Spending time in cold weather while shopping for your Christmas gifts makes you want, even more, to get home soon. 100% Italian Merino Wool with floral design has been knitted into the fabric creating a stunning decor with must have a purpose for your home. The design takes inspiration from an English garden with outlines of flowers in white set against black giving a luxurious look to our knitted cushion. Pair it with our Floral Figment Cushion to create the perfect floral hideaway for Christmas and style them with your chosen floral cushions.



Your home is not fulfilled without the candlelight that brings the holy spirit. Add Shaku scented candles to your living room as it creates the unforgettable smell of Christmas. Enjoy the rich freshness of Roses, subtle sweetness of Jasmine and the powerfully evocative Queen of the Night. Light them all together or one at a time, and be comfortable in the knowledge that your home is ready for Christmas and the memorable smell will make you and your loved ones even happier.

This Christmas, double the surprise for yourself, for your family and friends, by decorating your home with Shaku home decorations. Black and white colours are classy and create richness, warmth and cosiness in your home. Put Shaku cushions, blankets and candles together and look at the magic.

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Shaku cushions are the best for your uninterrupted and deep sleep, as well as keeping your bedroom rich and elegant. Hug our soft cushions and dive deep in your dreams.

Shaku home accessories create luxury while being displayed as beautiful artworks for your Christmas home.