Masks are now mandatory in many public places and it is our responsibility to wear one to slow the transmission of Covid-19 and protect the lives of ourselves and others. Although most effective, surgical and N95 masks are a precious commodity that should be used by front-line hospital workers who need them most. 

A reusable fabric mask is a suitable, and not to mention more environmentally-friendly, alternative and while a home-made covering doesn’t have the same filtering properties of a surgical or N95 mask, it is better than no mask at all. A fabric mask will help to stop you touching your face, as well as transmitting the disease to others. 

Now a part of our daily looks, a mask is slowly becoming a fashion statement and as we pass other mask-wears during our weekly food shop, we find ourselves wondering 'where did they get that mask?'. So why not make a chic accessory out of this protective fabric using a beautifully designed silk scarf?

Not limited to a hair or bag accessory, our silk pocket square scarf can double up as a lightweight and breathable face mask. All you need is a scarf and two hair ties or elastic bands.

Demonstrated with our Rose Riot Pink pocket square.

Here's how you do it:

  • Firstly ensure you wash your hands before touching the scarf!
  • Start by folding two edges into the centre and then folding in half again. This will give more layers to the mask. 
  • Ensure that the size that will cover both your mouth and nose. 
  • Take your two hair ties and position them on the folded scarf about 8 inches apart. You could also add a filter sheet if you have one!
  • Fold each end of the scarf into the centre and tuck one end into the other. 
  • Loop the hair ties around your ears, ensuring that the mask covers your mouth and nose, and tucks under your chin. There should be no gaps.
  • And that's it!

Once you are ready to remove your face mask, remember to wash your hands before taking it off and to remove it from the straps behind your ears. Place the scarf in a plastic bag while you wait to wash it. We recommend dry cleaning our silk scarves.

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