Autumn is nearly upon us and as we approach the end of the year, we begin wondering how to dress for the new season. With crisp cool air welcoming the day, but lingering summer heat as soon as mid-morning, it can be challenging to keep up with the hourly seasonal changes. Fortunately, by investing in a few key pieces you can make dressing for autumn effortless without curating a whole new wardrobe. It comes as no surprise that our autumn essential is the beloved scarf; whether a warm winter scarf or a lightweight printed silk scarf, we explain why this accessory is a worthwhile investment.

The Ultimate Layer

Everyone knows the first rule of transitional styling: layering. A scarf is functional and removable, making for an easy layering solution for the season where summer and autumn live within the same day. A silk stole scarf paired with a light jacket can keep you cosy during that early morning commute or school-run and easily stowed away for the midday sunshine. Our woven silk scarfs are the perfect option to wrap effortlessly around your neck (they also make a great blanket for evenings by a roaring fire).

Versatile all year round

Silk scarves are often associated with Mediterranean holidays and summer garden parties but in no way is this classic accessory exclusive to the spring/summer months. You can easily maximise an autumn look with minimal effort by incorporating a silk twill scarf.

  • Wear tied around your neck with a bomber jacket and a pair of oversized sunglasses;
  • Adorn your head with a folded scarf to keep warm on blustery autumn days;
  • On warmer days, tie the same scarf around your pony-tail or bun.

Be sure to select autumn hues to forgo a summertime look. Which takes us onto our final point…

Autumn Hues

Autumn’s rich hues provide the perfect palette for the new season – think shades of red, orange, yellows, browns and black. You can create beautiful autumnal colourways by contrasting colours or dressing head to toe in shades of monochrome. Alternatively, a scarf is the perfect way to infuse a neutral outfit with autumnal colours through to the winter months. Shop our Autumn Hues edit for a scarf in classic autumnal colours.

Our Floral Black & Yellow Stole Scarf is ideal for autumn. Made in Italy from the finest woven silk.