Step 1:
Sketch the outline of the butterfly in pencil and with light pressure.

Step 2:
Add details to the edge of the outline. You can also add the wing details in pencil before moving onto pen in Step 3.

Step 3:
Go over the outline and add detail to the wings in pen. 

Step 4:
Shade each individual section of the wings using a hatching technique as demonstrated in the video. Shakera suggests practising the technique before you shade your butterfly. 

Step 5:
The shading process using the hatching technique should end up looking something like this.

Step 6:
Thicken the inside lines to define the sections of the wings and add spots. 

Step 7:
Add detail and shading to the body and head of the butterfly using the same hatching technique. Don't forget to add antenna!

Step 8:
Add final touches; fill in any gaps, neaten outer lines and rub out any remaining pencil lines. 

Et Viola! You have a beautiful butterfly.
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