Upcycled Hair Accessories

Yellow Floral Hair Barrette



A unique and colourful addition to your collection of hair accessories, these barrettes features different snippets of the glorious Botanical Garden Silk Scarf. Choose from a fiery red to a muted black, there’s an option for every outfit.

Why a Shaku hair barrette?

Each hair barrette has been made from little squares of the Botanical Garden Silk Scarf - and so, no two barrettes are alike! Choose your favourite colour and we will ship to you a barrette with that colour predominant. This has occurred because these accessories are upcycled, and no two scraps of fabric are alike.

Our mission is to eliminate textile waste and these barrettes are a beautiful example of how the last scraps of fabric can be repurposed into something delightfully practical.  

Hand Drawn by Shakera
Designer | Founder | Mother