Gift Set

£350 Silk & Jasmine Gift Set


Delight your loved ones with our £350 Gift Set. Bundle them up in a cosy Dainty Delight Scarf - made from woven silk with a lovely soft cashmere-like feel - to keep them warm inside and out. We've included our large Jasmine Candle to bring you that sweet subtle scent, ready to delight your senses once you're home. 

Our gift sets come in our stunning coral gift bags, with each item wrapped individually and the whole fluffed with tissue and the bag tied with ribbon. 

With our candles, don't forget to re-use the pots once the candle element finishes. Made of bone china, our pots are designed to last and be re-used, in the kitchen, on your mantelpiece or even for your jewellery. The possibilities are endless. 

This gift set costs £390 when items are bought separately. 


Hand Drawn by Shakera
Designer | Founder | Mother