We live in a society where time is money, and speed - a necessity. Technology, with all of its advantages, has cemented a standard of almost constant consumption, where we are at ease with discarding and upgrading instead of fixing and upcycling. Faced with the fashion industry and its propensity towards ‘fast fashion’ and trend-led cycles, Shaku takes a stand. By creating luxurious pieces with high quality designs that are made to last a lifetime, we empower consumers to maintain elegant, personal style in the face of this rapid, careless consumption. 

The Fast Fashion Impact

The appetite for new impacts all involved, on at every level of the retail environment. 

Product development is biased towards materials that are faster and cheaper to supply. This has a knock-on effect with the labourers who are put under immense pressure at unsustainable wages to produce as many pieces as quickly as possible. All in a bid to meet the demands of a new fleeting trend. 

It is wholly unsurprising that such practices result in surplus stock that cannot always be sold, where trends are transient and the next season quickly beckons. What then do the retailers do with all this excess stock? Shops try to overcome this by being in constant promotion mode, steeply discounting to get rid of surplus stock, which in turn encourages shoppers to buy more. Promotions, sales and markdown initiatives that were once hallmarked events are now permanent features of many brands, to make space for the next trend and perpetuate the cycle of consumption. 

The Disposal Dilemma 

The impact of this cycle does not end at the storefront or online checkout. With a mass of new and old clothing steadily filling wardrobes, there is a rising need to dispose of clothes that are no longer used. Clothes Aid, a well known clothing collection company that works to help charities with their recycling efforts, estimates that £140 million of used and recyclable clothing ends up in UK landfills every year. That amounts to roughly 30% of all unwanted clothing in the UK ends up in landfill- not recycled, repurposed or reused. 

An Alternative Rhythm

The detrimental pursuit of fast fashion has led companies and consumers to review their actions and consider alternative methods. A slower and more intentional approach to retail has emerged; a drive to create versatile pieces, committed to a higher level of quality that can outlast trends and become a wardrobe staple.

Our Culture

For Shaku, the fast fashion mentality was never aligned with our approach. With Shakera’s vision at the helm, we are committed to creating pieces which are faithful to our principles: Conscious Quality, Timeless Luxury and Unconditional Respect. Shaku pieces carry value because of the time and investment it takes to make them, the commitment to design and craftsmanship that underpins every item we produce, but not the speed at which they can be consumed. We believe that high quality products made with care are worth the investment, because they are imbued with more than just a label or fashion statement, they carry stories and legacy.

As a small new business, we are one of a growing collective of brands who stand against the rushing current of fast fashion consumption. Our silk scarves are considered from start to finish, sustainability always in mind. We are working to build long-standing relationships with our suppliers, creating high quality items that are made to last, with respect not just for our environment, but also for those who help us create our products.

Our scarves are all designed to be worn in multiple ways, such as a headscarf, face mask, or for a special date, forming a staple piece of your capsule wardrobe. Style has a vision beyond trends, and when we plan our designs they are with an eye for versatility as an integral part of your perennial wardrobe, and with a longevity that will allow them to be passed down to future generations.