Slow fashion encapsulates a ‘buy less, but better’ mentality, encouraging consumers to make fewer purchases of higher-quality, sustainably-made garments. One way to practice slow fashion is with a capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is a small but carefully curated collection of highly versatile, timeless and staple items. The beauty of a capsule wardrobe is that every item fits together like a puzzle, styling becomes easy and the commitment to buying fewer but better-made clothes also costs less in the long-run.

The idea of starting your own capsule wardrobe may be daunting, and there is no denying that it is an effortful process, but in our opinion the result is well worth it once mastered. We suggest starting with accessories. With any wardrobe, accessories are vital in adding individual style and can effortlessly transition an outfit from one style to another. The scarf is an indispensable item for a capsule wardrobe: versatile, practical and wonderfully luxurious.

Here’s why scarves deserve a place in your capsule wardrobe

Always in style

Scarves have been in-style for decades, and while specific scarf trends come and go, there are always classic and chic ways to style a scarf to instantly elevate an outfit.


There are countless ways to style scarves. Classics include the silk neck scarf, evening shawls, headscarves, silk hair accessories or handbag accessories. Scarves can also be tied cleverly to create a top or skirt. They even work well as home décor! The possibilities are endless.

  Ilaria Bressi - Silk Scarf Top
Ilaria Bressi (@ilariabressi) styles our Tulip Tribe square silk scarf as a top.

Wearable all year round

While it is true that thick, cosy scarves are ideal for winter and lightweight, breathable silk scarves are favoured in the summer, there is nothing keeping you from switching it up. Our warm, luxury stoles work perfectly as an evening shawl for summer, while a printed silk square scarf looks as elegant paired with an overcoat as it does with a white linen dress.

Printed Silk Neck Scarf

A pop of colour

A capsule wardrobe is likely to comprise of neutrals and dark colours that work together easily for maximum opportunity to mix and match. But you may find yourself craving colour. A vibrant scarf is an easy way to add colour without the need to rethink your entire outfit! A scarf can also allow you to incorporate the colours of the season, like a deep red, orange or yellow scarf for autumn.

As a face covering

A benefit more relevant to the current times amidst the coronavirus pandemic, is that pure silk scarves can be easily fashioned into a face covering or mask with no sewing involved. Once face coverings are no longer required, you will still have a timeless scarf to accessorise with!

Face Mask Scarf

Demonstrated using our 'Lily' cashmere blend square scarf.

Thinking of building a capsule wardrobe? Start with a scarf.