Changing the lifestyle is not an easy process. The way we are used to consuming fashion products for many years is set as our behaviour. On the other hand, as time passes, we get used to innovations and to the changes that are brought by several factors. Ecology and our wellbeing is the aspect that we cant ignore, as it affects our wellbeing. Therefore, the adaptation towards sustainable fashion has started several years ago and step by step fashion brands are making contribution. Recycling, reusing, repurposing aren’t new. So let me explain how can you be sustainable and trendy at the same time.

For many of us, it is a pleasure to go for shopping and buy new trendy pieces for our wardrobe but have you thought about giving a second life to your old clothing? Making used clothes trendy is ecological as well as creative. All of us have a something that we don’t use anymore but has the potential to be reused.

Likewise, Shakera used scarves that were discarded and gave it a second life. Scarf fabrics were transformed into beautiful small hair accessorises that are trendy and beautiful. Each of them is unique and holds a story.

Reusing is considered as better than recycling, as it reduces the production, gives you a chance to save money, help the environment, and prevent pollution. Easily speaking, you are consuming your time on shopping and protecting the environment, by transforming old stuff into trendy in your own wardrobe.

Shaku, as a fashion brand, is making a contribution towards sustainable fashion and our wellbeing by producing as well as inspiring customers to purchase the product that is trendy, ecological and has a second life.