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Styling Shaku's Collection in Taylor Swift Fashion (Shaku's Version)

Did you catch Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in London? Whether you were there or following along online, it’s time to channel that concert energy into your everyday style! With the Europe leg of the tour in full swing, and festival season in full bloom, there’s no better time to bring your outfit A-game.

In this guide, we’ll help you level up your Taylor-inspired outfits, ensuring you look amazing whether you were dancing at the Eras Tour, enjoying a summer festival, or simply lounging at home. You’ll never go out of style with Shaku’s collection of blooming florals that add a fresh twist to Taylor’s enchanting sparkle.


Choosing your Era

At these concerts, it has become the standard to dress as one of Taylor’s famous eras. With so many to choose from, we’ve made it easier by highlighting the key features of each era and matching them with our scarves and accessories.

Are you ready for it?

Taylor Swift/Debut Era

This era marked the beginning of Taylor Swift, whose country girl charm brought hit singles like “Tim McGraw” and “Teardrops on My Guitar”. To replicate this era, think tight curls, flowy sundresses, and cowboy boots. Add a dash of nostalgia with our curly headbands.

We know the weather isn’t always the best, so why not bring a scarf to drape around you? Try our Golden Anther Embroidered Scarf to keep up the charm and add some glitz.

Fearless Era

Sparkly fringe dresses and hopeless romanticism define this era. Think a mix of country and glam, with cowboy boots and sequin dresses. Opt for gold, black, or silver clothing to capture that fearless spirit. Dance around in your best dress with a touch of Shaku - try our embroidered hairclips for that sprinkle of shine.

Speak Now Era

Think purple and enchanting silhouettes. This era is all about elegance and fairy-tales. Flaunt your inner princess by pairing your look with our Ladybirds in Pink Scarf.

Red Era

Go bold. With this era combining country and pop, you can mix and match high-waisted shorts, quirky graphic T-shirts, and of course - a signature red lip. Our Ring o’ Roses Scarf, Red & Black Hair Barrette, and Red Hair Barrette are perfect accessories to complete this look.

1989 Era

Shifting away from country into synth-pop, this era maintains a focus on a sporty and youthful style. To match the vibrancy of this era, add one of our scrunchies. If you want to style by colour, go for a blue to match the Taylor's Version album cover. Our Tulip Tribe Square Scarf makes for the perfect addition!

Reputation Era

Edgy and cool, the Reputation era is all about black, white, and silver. Unleash this fierce style with dark clothing and pair it with our Butterfly Bouquet Square Silk Scarf for added elegance.

Lover Era

Beautiful and dreamy, the Lover era is filled with pastel colours and romantic vibes. Accessorise with some pinks and florals to capture the ethereal essence of this era. Have a look at our Butterfly Corner Square Cashmere Scarf and Forest Sunrise Scarf.

Folklore and Evermore Era

Embody the earthy, vintage vibes of these eras. As sister albums, coordinate with your friend to emulate the cottagecore aesthetic of these releases. Think nature-inspired and autumnal tones. Our Botanical Garden Square Silk Scarf and Sage Green Wilderness Headbands are a perfect fit!

Midnights Era

Make the whole place shimmer by incorporating glittery deep blue hues into your outfit. Embrace the dark tones, gold and silver sparkle, and anti-hero vibes of the Midnights Era. To add contrast to the sparkle, why not try some silk georgette with our Forest Sunset Scarf or Floral Monochrome Black Scarf?

The Tortured Poets Department

Taylor’s newest release is certainly capturing the hearts of fans! With a focus on dark academia, go for a moody palette that exudes elegance. Our Monochrome Magnolia Skinny Scarf makes a great choice to infuse preppy sophistication into any outfit.

So, there you have it! A foolproof guide in styling your outfit for Taylor Swift. For all of you Swifties, make us proud with your belting of all the hits. And don’t forget to share your outfits with us - we can’t wait to see them!

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