I had the lovely opportunity to meet Gianluca Longo, Style Editor at Vogue and Cabana magazines and we put together a video of our time together. Here is his introduction.

I met Shakera on a very sunny afternoon in London, and it was such a wonderful eye opener.

As Creative Director of Shaku, Shakera explained to me all about her background, her vision and her experience to launch this new brand. She told me about her passion for hand drawing, her love of colours and knowledge of flowers: all of them combined are the DNA of her designs. Shakera knows what quality and craftsmanship mean in today's luxury world, and she has chosen only the best materials to make Shaku accessories, naturally.

Shakera is also a loving mother, and Shaku is her new wonderful child.

Gianluca Longo, Style Editor at Vogue and Cabana

Learn more about the Shaku story or watch the full interview below.