The New Year is upon us, which means it’s the ideal time to make your home as cosy and comfortable as possible during the winter months. Shaku is all about intentionality, both in what you invest in and how you express yourself. Our luxury lifestyle and homewares help to bring that into your space.

This value of intentionality aligns with the Danish philosophy and practice of hygge. Hygge is the word for a mood of cosy contentment and comfortable conviviality, with feelings of wellness through enjoying the simple things in life. It is both a mindset and a practice. Purposefully creating a warm atmosphere for relaxation and comfort can enhance your wellbeing. Shaku has curated 5 tips to help your home have that cosy hygge feel and set yourself up for a contented and peaceful 2021.

Keep it Cosy  

One of the central principles of hygge is cosiness - think warm blankets and cushions in a snug corner of your home. Create a comforting environment within your space that is perfect for settling in with a hot cup of tea and a book or good film.  Shakera's favourite way to keep cosy is with lots of throws and blankets. Our warm, 100% silk shawl stoles double up as the perfect throws for your hygge den to curl up during these chilly months.

Floral Yellow & Black Stole blanket scarf

Some of the shows and books Shakera is loving at the moment are:

1) Bridgerton

If you've been following the latest period drama to drop on Netflix, Bridgerton is the theatrical take on Julia Quinn's 'The Duke and I', the first of her lovely novels detailing the love stories of Violet Bridgerton's brood of eight. A refreshing interpretation of the opulence of the Regency era, this period drama brings a fresh take to the intricate fashions, furnishings and customs of the 19th century in London. 

2) Kane and Abel

Perhaps you're after an epic? Jeffrey Archer's 'Kane and Abel' is a globally bestselling book that spans generations, where two men whose lives are entwined in a relentless struggle to build an empire. 

3) Christmas Shopaholic

Sometimes a little light contemporary piece is just the antidote to a dark day - Sophie Kinsella revives the Shopaholic series with her latest installment: 'Christmas Shopaholic'. Settle in with a cup of cocoa and get ready for some easy laughs as the protagonist attempts to host family Christmas for the first time.

Warm Colours 

We are not always aware of how the colours around us impact our mental wellbeing. Not that cool tones are a no-go, but you want to think about how certain hues make you feel in your home. Does your colour palette invoke feelings of warmth and calm? And if you are not one for bright splashes of colour, warmer neutrals will help to bring that hygge vibe. 

The kind of lighting you have is also important to consider. Warm and comforting instead of stark, harsh light will bring life to your whole space. Take advantage of natural light, and if you have a working fireplace or a collection of scented candles, be sure to put it on in the evenings to bring the heat and warming tones, as soft, flickering light lifts the mood. 

It’s About Balance 

A hygge philosophy encourages balance in all areas of your life. Give yourself room to indulge in simple pleasures of delicious food, and a glass or wine or sweet treat in the evening. Also recognise what your body is craving, and be sure to nurture it with the right foods. Shakera loves to curl up with a homemade Indian chai tea - easily made by simmering 1 part water, 3 parts milk on the stove with ginger, cardamom, and clove. This will also leave a lovely, comforting scent in the home.

Balance also extends to your commitments. Don’t overcommit to social and personal engagements, whether in person or online, keep margin in your life for downtime. Overextending yourself can cause stress and anxiety, and it’s important to prioritise your mental health and wellbeing. 

Textures and Layers 

Textures and layers are essential to stimulate the senses. Incorporate a variety of textures in your space, from wooden tables and well-made books to soft blankets and plush cushions. Our Embroidered Cushion collection has intricate, hand sewn detailing that is the perfect hygge addition, or our Upcycled Cushions have a soft silky feel that will satisfy any tactile sense craving. 

Stack of Floral Cushions in front of fireplace


At the heart of the hygge approach is simplicity. Surround yourself with what makes you feel happy and content, and avoid excess. A hygge space isn’t cluttered, it is filled with what brings simple pleasure and satisfaction. We love hygge because it aligns with our value of conscious quality. When it comes to hygge, less is more, and we believe in investing in high quality items that will be with you for a lifetime. 

Hygge is more than a strategy for redesigning a room in your home. Investing in yourself and in your space will help you stay healthier and happier during the winter when we are spending more time indoors. Surround yourself with beautiful things that bring you joy, and incorporate practices that cultivate contentment, even if that’s as simple as making a cup of tea and reading your favourite book.

Shaku wishes you health, happiness and peace in 2021.