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A More Conscious Approach to Shopping

At Shaku, we believe that true luxury takes time. There is no need to rush, each step and stage of creation is necessary to achieve true luxury and quality craftsmanship. Indeed, investing the time needed adds to the items’ worth, and intrinsically becomes part of its story.

This is why we support a more mindful and ethical approach to shopping. Taking a disposable attitude towards what we buy damages the planet, as well as undermining the time, effort and intentionality that went into making the item. 

To counter this mindset, we build relationships with our manufacturers, artisans and craftspeople, prioritising the use of sustainable materials. All with the hope that what we create carries a unique story, and becomes part of your own story. Our sustainable silk scarf collections are designed to empower your style and personality; and our new upcycled cushion collection reimagines our materials for your home, making the possibilities for creativity endless. 

Row of of Shaku upcycled silk cushion collection

However, unfortunately it’s not always easy to shop sustainably, and many people don’t even know where to start. We have compiled some simple tips and steps you can take that will help you to begin to shop more ethically, making decisions that have a positive impact on people, animals and our planet.

Questions to ask yourself: 

Do you need it?

Ask yourself if this is an item that you really need. Limited time offers, multi-buy deals and other adverts can cloud your judgement and make you think you are missing out by not purchasing. However, when you take a step back and question if you actually need it, you may find that it isn’t a necessary item at all.

Could you find it through more sustainable means?

If it is an item you do actually need, the next step is to think if you could fill that need through more sustainable means. Could you borrow it from a friend, buy it second-hand, or even make it yourself?

Is the retailer ethical?

At the conclusion of the above considerations, you may still decide you need to purchase the item. At this point it is good to question if the brand you are considering is ethical. Do you agree with their manufacturing practices? Do you know where they source their materials from? What kind of approach do they take to waste? 

At Shaku we endeavour to be transparent in our sourcing and manufacturing practices for our silk scarf collections, using non-toxic dyes and upcycling materials for new, innovative use. While each brand is on its own journey of sustainability, we strive to be honest about where we are, as well as where we hope to be in the future.

Black and white scarf manufactured in Italy

Tips on How to Shop more Consciously

Support Small and Local businesses

The high street doesn’t have to be your default. Choosing small, local brands will help to invest money back into your local community. Small brands often have a more intimate relationship with their suppliers, and are more likely to want to invest in a long-term relationship with you, their customer. 

As a small (family run) business, Shaku is deeply invested in exceptional, personal customer care at every step of the process, as we want you to take as much joy and pride in our beautiful silk scarves as we do. Our employees and partners always are central to the actions we take; we know that our decisions have a wider impact beyond just us. 

Purchase cruelty free products

One of the easiest things you can do to begin shopping more mindfully is to start reading labels. Ensure that the products you are buying don’t do testing on animals, and companies that are cruelty free will state so on their labelling. 

Choose eco friendly, mindful brands

Brands that are taking a stand against our constant consumption and fast fashion culture should be rewarded for their contribution. The best way to show larger brands that these matters are important to you is to vote with your wallet. 

Shaku advocates mindful consumption because we don’t want to be just another brand that contributes to the fast fashion cycle of needless purchasing and waste. 

Floral scarf held against skyDon’t impulse buy

This connects back to our first point regarding need versus want. It can be so easy to get caught up in sales, or buy something based on a fleeting emotional whim. But the amount of thought you put into a purchase often corresponds with the amount of satisfaction you will feel afterwards. 

Shopping with mindful intentionality will help you to purchase items that also have more meaning behind them. These often become the purchases that you hold onto, the item that stays in your wardrobe for years and perhaps is even passed on. At Shaku we create sustainable silk scarves with a vision for the long term, where our scarves are investment pieces that can be passed down to future generations. 

Wrap your gifts in reusable and recyclable products

Floral scarf overhanging from coral gift box

When you are shopping for gifts, consider the materials you are using to wrap your items in. Choose reusable wrapping such as a cloth bag, or other recyclable materials that will keep on giving long after you have gifted your item. If the brand you are buying from does gift wrapping, check and see what material they use to ensure they are eco-friendly.

When you shop from Shaku, all our branded boxes, sleeves, envelopes and tags are FSC certified and 100% recyclable. All our postal boxes and paper are either made from recycled materials or FSC certified. The tape we use is 100% recyclable and made with natural rubber adhesive, and packing nuts are made from 100% biodegradable starch. 

Online shopping

Online shopping is designed to be effortless; just find what you are searching for, and with a few clicks it will be on its way to your doorstep. However while it can be tempting to shop around to many online stores, a simple way to reduce your environmental footprint is to place a single order for multiple items to limit mailing waste. Or, if click and collect is an option, using this provides the ease of online ordering while removing mail-related waste all together.

Sustainable Luxury

Our values of responsibility, conscious quality and unconditional respect shape our actions as a brand and how we encourage our customers to consume. We believe in creating beautiful, sustainably made silk scarves that will stay as a staple in your wardrobe for your lifetime. Each and every scarf was handmade at our factories in Como, Italy, to the highest standards of perfection.

Our dedication to upholding our values is so strong, that when faced with the challenge of products that held our old branding, we chose to upcycle them into luxurious, limited edition cushions. Now the story of Shaku designs can become part of your home’s story as well. 

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