Gift Set

£250 Rose Gift Set


Bask in the glow of a rose filled room - with your rose scented candle alight, and your rose themed cushion beside you. We've even included a small rose candle for you to take on your travels and keep the rose fueled splendour going. 

Gift your loved one, or treat yourself with this opulent and indulge Rose themed gift set. Including in each set is your choice of Rose Bramble Cushion and our Rose candles, in the large (300g) and small (75g) size. Once the candle finishes, turn your twinset into exquisite keepsakes, suitable for use in the kitchen, as an ornament or to store your odds and ends.

The gift comes in our stunning coral gift bags, fluffed with tissue paper and tied with ribbon. 

Hand Drawn by Shakera
Designer | Founder | Mother