Shaku is excited to launch with our first collection of home fragrance with a stunning collection of luxury scented candles. The collection is a symbolic fusion of Shakera’s story; celebrating her heritage with floral scents of India, and her life in England through the exquisite British craftsmanship that brought the candles to fruition.

Read our latest article to discover the inspiration behind the collection.

The Craftsmanship Journey

The journey begins in Northamptonshire, where the scents are developed in close partnership with expert perfumers. The upmost care is taken through each step of the process. From the selection of raw materials to testing and sampling, our partners apply their technical expertise and artistic flair throughout the fragrance journey. Shakera’s memories are the final ingredient, infusing the fragrance story with deep sentiments of her past.

In Staffordshire, fine bone china vessels are crafted at the hands of skilled ceramicists. As the highest grade ceramic material, there was no other material more exquisite to encase these precious scents. Established for over 45 years, the start-of-the-art facility is one of the last fine bone china manufacturers left in the UK. This delicate ceramic undergoes a specialised, intensive forging and firing process to create a strong, yet thin, translucent vessel which allows the candle to glow from within when lit.

Each candle is adorned with Shakera’s hand-drawn illustration of the flower that inspired the scent and a fine black rim along the edge. The decoration is melted into the glazed surface of the vessel and leaves a wonderful glossy finish. Crowned with a charming fine bone china lid, the candle pots are intended as a beautiful keepsake, that can be repurposed to store trinkets, stationary, or even a small plant, and treasured for years to come.

The final chapter of the journey takes place in Scotland, where the fragrance, wax and pots are brought together. Pure cotton wicks are perfectly centred and set at the bottom of the vessel in preparation for the wax. The wicked vessels are aligned on counters and a tool is placed around the rim of the candle to ensure the wicks remain centred during pouring. A molten blend of rapeseed and coconut mineral wax is infused with the fragrance, and immediately hand-poured into the vessels. Once set, the wicks are cut at a specific height to ensure an optimal first burn. The candles are then checked for even the most minor of imperfections by an expert eye.

To conclude the journey, the candles are packaged into our bespoke presentation boxes with meticulous care. Complementing our scarf boxes, the candle box comes in our signature coral colour with gold foil details and pale blue accents. A repeat pattern of interlocking ‘S’ emblem is embossed across the lid. These wonderful boxes not only give our candles optimal protection on their way to you but promise to make your unboxing experience truly magical.

Rose scented candle beside coral presentation box