Shakera’s youth was spent in India amongst the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, submerged in a kaleidoscope of colour and natural beauty. Her lifelong love affair with flowers began here; where fresh flowers accompany every ceremony and celebration. Whether ingredient to elaborate dishes, tied into hair or used for ritual and tradition, Shakera’s fondest memories are marked with flowers and their sweet, floral scents.

For her first home fragrance collection, Shakera shares a piece of her story with luxury scented candles. Each candle in the collection is a memoir; an embodiment of a precious and nostalgic memories drawn from her childhood spent in India and poured into a capsule of fine bone china.

Queen of the Night

In the gardens of Mumbai, these tiny delicate flowers blossom only at night, their sweet scent transcending the humid air. By dawn, the flower wilts leaving only the memory of its scent. This poetically short-lived phenomenon is akin to an exclusive performance, put on only for those fortunate enough to be within reach. The scent has been recreated solely as Shakera remembers it from a blend of night scented jasmine, ylang ylang & rose.

Indian Night blooming jasmine

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Indian rose; a timeless emblem of deep decadence. A traditional Indian wedding is not considered complete without fresh roses to enhance the beauty of the occasion. Chains of rose petals hang from canopies and embellish tables, the most famous aroma enriching the air. Whole buds or petals are strung together alongside jasmine and marigolds to create the floral garlands exchanged between bride and groom during the jaimala or varmala ceremony. Supported with geranium and a touch of jasmine, the Rose candle is designed to evoke joy and passion.

Bowls of red roses prepared for wedding


In times of celebration, the sweet fragrance of Indian jasmine - known as mogra - was Shakera’s only perfume. A symbol of prosperity and future success, garlands of jasmine buds are worn in the hair at Indian weddings and festivals. Intense jasmine is complemented with a touch of ylang-ylang and orange blossom. Once lit, the candle fills a room with its gentle and sweet aroma.

Jasmine flower in hair for Indian wedding

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