“Why are men so difficult to buy for?” you moan to your friends over coffee, to your mum over the phone and to your clueless partner who had no idea that he was so difficult to buy for in the first place. It’s the classic Valentines tale; women spending hours hunting online or running through a busy high street trying to find their man something he doesn’t already have.

But fret not this year! Let us help take the stress out of buying gifts for the man in your life this year. We’ve come up with some suggestions that are sure to make this Valentine’s Day much easier, so you can focus on spending time together.

Luxurious Silk Scarves

There is no gift more perfect than winter wear in the peak of the cold season. But if his wardrobe is packed full of coats, and the prospect of figuring out his glove size fills you with anxiety, then a scarf is a perfect gift.

“He already has a scarf!” we hear you cry. Yes, he has a dull navy-blue scarf from M&S which is getting worn around the edges but what he doesn’t have is a statement piece scarf that he’ll keep for years. A statement piece doesn’t have to be bold and bright. Our Bloom Silhouette Black and White Men’s Scarf draws attention to its monochrome design without being overwhelming.

If your special man likes to make a bold statement and dress up, then a colourful silk scarf he can put in his suit pocket is the way to go. Our Rose Riot Pink Men’s Scarf is a versatile piece which will go with most suits, or our Basket Weave Men’s Scarf will brighten up darker attire. (Plus if he looks good it makes YOU look even better).

Man and Woman wearing scarves

A Tie To Suit Him

Now hear us out! We understand that a tie is traditionally the boring gift for men when you’ve run out of ideas but the tie has had a renaissance as of late. Growing focus on men’s fashion has meant that there’s now more variety, experimentation and style in men’s fashion than ever before. So, ditch those stuffy ideas of what a suit should be this Christmas and give him a stylish accessory which shows everyone the personality you love him for.

Our Snowdrop Men's Tie or Monochrome Magnolia Skinny Scarf are perfect fashionable additions to his outfit for your fancy Valentines dinner. 

Decorative Ceramic Candles

Now before you worry that a candle is too effeminate a gift let us quell some of your fears. Romance and candles have always gone hand in hand. When you picture a romantic dinner or an evening together is it ever not candle side? Getting a good quality candle is something many people overlook but it’s one of the few gifts that will stay past Valentines Day. Flowers wilt and chocolates are made to be devoured, but a nice candle will last far longer than one night. The warmth and aroma of a candle is simply unmatched. Furthermore, everyone wants a home that smells amazing without the chemical after scent of an air freshener.

For a classic Valentines atmosphere we recommend our Rose Scented Candle but if you wanted a more unique fragrance why not go for our Queen of the Night Scented Candle. The Queen of the Night is a truly magical flower as it blossoms at night, a symbolic parable to those beautiful Valentines Nights we all dream of.

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