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Shaku Press Day June 2022

On 22 June 2022, we had the pleasure of inviting some members of the press and stylists to our first ever Press Day! Shakera gave a beautiful speech to explain how the brand started and her inspiration and passion shone through. As part of the day, Shakera conducted an embroidery and embellishment class, showing our guests how to personalise their own Upcycled Cushion with a chain stitch and some cute embellishments.

We welcomed Charli FisherChalisa Guerrero, David James Cochrane, Donna Taylor, Elle Cheek and Rebekah Roy, along with our PR, Lori Cutler and Angus Longmuir. 

Shakera interacting with Press

Shaku Press Day

Shaku Press Day

Watch Shakera's beautiful introduction speech here.

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