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Discover the Luxury of Silk Twill

Silk twill - a luxurious fabric, woven from exquisite silk threads, is renowned for its softness, lustrous sheen, and versatility. Whether it graces a scarf or home décor, silk twill effortlessly combines beauty, comfort, and durability. Join us on a journey as we unravel the secrets of silk twill and explore its captivating characteristics and endless possibilities.

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The Origin of Silk Twill

Silk is a natural fibre derived from the silkworm cocoon, has been treasured for thousands of years for its opulent feel and appearance. Silk production originated in ancient China and gradually spread across the globe, captivating the hearts of artisans, designers and crafts people.

Twill is a distinctive weaving pattern that further enhances the natural qualities of silk. With twill, the threads are woven in a way that creates diagonal lines or ridges on the fabric surface, adding depth, texture, and durability to the final product. This weaving technique, combined with the delicate silk threads, is what creates ‘Silk Twill’.

tulips silk twill scarf


One of the defining characteristics of silk twill is its softness. When held, the fabric feels smooth with a lovely sheen from the ridges. With its lightweight texture and the unique diagonal rib pattern, this silk is durable and comfortable to wear; capable of maintaining your body temperature, this fabric can help you keep cool in summer and warm in winter.

Silk twill's natural sheen gives a touch of elegance to any accessory as it enhances the vividness and depth of colours. Married with the vivid and colourful hand drawn designs by Shakera, this makes our silk twill scarves an excellent canvas to show off the beauty and the intricacy of Shakera’s designs.

ring o' roses silk twill scarf


The unique weave pattern creates a versatile and durable product. You can comfortably drape the silk gracefully, letting the fabric's natural elasticity recover its shape effortlessly and retain its form. As a result, when it comes to creases, the silk twill can be easily steamed or ironed and the creases will be gone, leaving you with a scarf in tip top condition. Easy to maintain, silk twill scarves can then be styled in beautiful ways, they are both fashionable and functional: sophisticated statement pieces that will stand the test of time.

Silk twill continues to reign as the most luxurious sophisticated fabric. As a brand, Shaku is committed to creating products with high quality craftsmanship and the finest natural fibres. With our range of silk twill accessories, you can be sure that your products will continue to delight you for decades to come.

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