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How to Wear a Scarf for your Zoom Date

In the time of coronavirus, dating can be a challenge (to say the least) and virtual dating can feel like a whole new territory. The task of deciding what to wear can be confusing and may leave you tempted to hop on your zoom call in the same sweats you’ve been wearing all day. But it’s important to remember that a virtual first date is no less real than those in real life and you want to show up for your virtual date the same way.

Not only will making the effort leave a memorable impression but dressing how you want to feel on your first date is a tried-and-tested way to boost your confidence, whether that's by wearing something cute, sexy, glamorous or elegant. Now is the time to ditch the sweatshirts and leggings, and rescue your favourite date night outfits from the back of your wardrobe. You may even want to treat yourself and consider buying something new to wear if you have the option. One option to consider is a scarf, we share why a scarf is a perfect addition to your virtual-date-night wardrobe.

An easy cover up

Slipping back into that spaghetti strap dress can be daunting at first. An embroidered shawl or luxury cashmere scarf draped across your shoulders can allow you to confidently wear your dress while covering up if you’d prefer to.

An effortless addition

You may prefer to keep it simple, but it’s still important that you make an impression. One way to do so is by using statement accessories and adding texture. A necklace accentuates your collar, ruffles add texture, and a printed silk scarf will add an effortless flair of sophistication around the neck, or for a feminine touch, tied into your hair.

Create an interesting neckline

You’ll likely use a plain wall as a backdrop for your date, but its important to keep some visual variety. You can achieve countless looks and accentuate your features by tying a pure silk square scarf creatively into a top.

For an asymmetric look, try tying two opposite corners over one shoulder; create a halter neck using a necklace and accentuate your shoulders; or if you prefer to cover-up, tie two corners behind your neck for a ruched look.

However you decide to dress, don’t forget to wear what is authentic to you. Wearing something that doesn’t suit your personality and style can leave you feeling uncomfortable and it will likely show.

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