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Welcome to the World of Shaku

The artisanal beauty, depth and sustainability of our brand can be fully illustrated by unveiling the production of our collection and the personnel behind it.

Driven by an enduring passion and commitment to design and craftsmanship, all Shaku pieces have been hand-designed by Shakera, the Founder and Creative Director. Each scarf tells its own unique story: a tremulous snapshot of a bucolic British idyll invigorated with the colourful flourishes of the Founder’s native India, a celebrated convolution of cultural identity.

We carry out our work fully aware of the ecological necessity the current world brings: slow fashion is at the forefront of our design and schematic methodology. In a sense there is a gloried irony in our focus on nature: landscapes are the world’s timeless beauty and just as they - should - transcend time so should our pieces. That is, we hope your commitment to our pieces is like your commitment to the world we call ours.

The materials we choose reflect the quality of our designs: they are of prodigious artisanal quality. We select our partners and manufacturers for their outstanding reputation for quality and craftsmanship, but also for their dedication to safeguarding the environment and high standard of social responsibility. 

It naturally comes that our design philosophy of celebrating cultural identity as a fluid, ever-mixing object organically promotes an inclusive, liberal worldview.

Welcome to the World of Shaku. 

    Shaku is not just the brand, Shaku is the people helping as well

    Shakera, Founder
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