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How to Properly Care for a Silk Scarf

Our printed silk scarves are designed to be rare, long-lasting and high quality pieces, intended as heirlooms passed through generations. While silk is an opulent and precious material, it is also delicate and must be treated with the love and care it deserves. To help you protect your scarf from damage or wear, we have gathered our tips to preserve your beloved accessory so that it can be enjoyed for years to come.

Silk Scarf in Scarf box

To Avoid

  • Perfume and hairspray. Never spray any substances containing alcohol directly onto the scarf. Ensure that perfume and hairspray has completely dried on the skin before wearing your scarf.
  • Sunlight. Avoid leaving your scarf in direct sunlight when you are not wearing it as it may cause the colours to fade.
  • Dust. Prevent a build-up of dust by storing the scarves away from places that gather dust, like an open shelf.
  • Abrasive surfaces which may cause your silk scarf to snag.

Fold or Hang?

Although convenient, hangers can leave wrinkles and creases on your scarf and does not protect from light and dust. We recommend that you store your scarf gently folded in the original coral scarf box and placed in a drawer. However, to let the silk breathe, be sure to remove the lid and tuck it under the box.

Iron or Steam?

Both (carefully!)

With a traditional iron, use a low heat (or silk setting) and iron on the reverse side. For added protection, place a thin and clean cloth between the scarf and iron to prevent risk of burns or dirt from the iron.

Alternatively, we recommend steaming for a safer and gentler method that releases wrinkles with a more natural finish. Use a hand steamer or steam iron, and working top to bottom, make downwards strokes. Allow your scarf to cool before wearing or folding. Steaming also kills germs and bacteria, saving your scarf from being washed unnecessarily and helping to last longer.

Wash or Dry Clean?

We strongly recommend that you have your scarf dry cleaned by a professional and reliable dry cleaner, ensure that they know your scarf is made from pure silk.

Do not wash your scarf at home as this runs many risks including inappropriate detergent that could ruin the colours, or using too high a temperature. Once your scarf is spoiled there is no going back.

luxury Italian silk scarf requires considerable attention, but we think it is worth it for the years of delight you will get from the most elegant and adored fabric decorated with remarkable, rare and timeless designs.

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