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Shakera meets Vincent Van Gogh

Shakera recently visited the most wonderful exhibition of Vincent Van Gogh in London.

Vincent Willem van Gogh (1853–1890) was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who became one of the most influential artists in Art History. He died at the age of 37 and left around 2000 artworks including 860 oil paintings. He did not care about fame and respect during his career but as time passed, he achieved his success posthumously and became a respectful figure. His works capture your attention with their rich colours and strong visuals.

Colour and visuals are the underlying themes for this exhibition. Looking at how Van Gogh works and how his works connect art with nature, you are feeling his journey.  VR experience allows you to travel virtually with the time machine and show Van Gogh’s life, such as where he lived, how he perceived the world and what was his inspiration. Telling us his history and background, his pain, how he was so emotionally invested in his art that he even cut off his ear when tempers flared with Paul Gauguin. He lost hold of reality and was devoted to his art. Likewise, being on this exhibition, the viewer is losing the connection with reality and dives into his masterpieces. Seeing how Starry Night transformed a nightscape – the tree morphing into the black mass and the clouds into wispy lines. Van Gogh’s art is unique, as he saw the world differently, and this exhibition proves it.

‘Colour expresses something in itself. One can’t do without it; one must make use of it. What looks beautiful, really beautiful — is also right.’ (Vincent van Gogh).

His obsession with flowers is noticeable by looking at his most famous painting The Sunflower. This is the one he was most proud of as it had a special meaning for Van Gogh and made seven versions of them. Yellow, as a colour was his motivation for happiness, loyalty and devotion. If you are familiar with Van Gogh’s life, you’ll know that his mentor and loyal friend was Paul Gaugin. They had a special bond and respect towards each other. Originally, Van Gogh created a series of bright yellow sunflower paintings to decorate Gauguin’s bedroom but later it became his signature as he was telling his brother Theo in a letter in 1889 that “the sunflower is mine.” Van Gogh found his inspiration in flowers as they expressed his stages of life and emotions. The eye-catching bright colours grab the viewer’s attention.

The exhibition gives you the experience to explore The Sunflower, not only on canvas but through digital that covers the whole room with bright colours and sunflowers. It was wonderful to look around and see the bright yellow flowers falling from the ceiling. Standing there and enjoying the digital experience of Van Gogh’s 360-degree masterpieces with the sound effects, feels like listening to his thoughts. You are completely immersed in the artworks due to which reality goes away as you dive deep into his world.

Art is a creative way of self-expression. It expresses the thoughts and the perception of the world of the artist. People have their world, which indicates their difference. Words are finite, unlike art so artists are not limited in expressing their emotions and thoughts through different forms. Likewise, Shakera transforms her thoughts and emotions by creating artwork on silk scarves.

A combination of bright colours makes a rich look of our Botanical Garden Square Scarf. Yellow, red, purple, orange, blue are speaking for themselves and hold the significance of luxury and elegance. The beauty of flowers inspired Shakera to express her emotions by creating a unique silk flowery scarf. Wearing the Botanical Garden Scarf, you dive into the world of happiness and loveliness.


Here are some more highlights from the exhibition:

If you like visit the exhibition, go to the website:

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