Presenting your loved ones with a well-wrapped gift is the hallmark of any successful adulthood, along with paying your water bill and owning a casserole dish. The fear of failure at a family event like Christmas can haunt the holidays, so we’ve comprised a handy guide to help you through this season.

Choose the right wrapping paper and ribbon

Arguably, choosing good wrapping paper is even more important than how you wrap it. It’s the first thing your loved ones see and, therefore, it should say ‘luxury’ not ‘last-minute buy at Asda’.
Spend your limited Christmas shopping time hunting out the perfect wrapping paper to present your gift in. The first rule of choosing wrapping paper is, ‘the thicker, the better’ (the downside: this will cost you a small fortune) and do your best not to find one that’s ludicrously generic. Or buy so much paper you’ll end up throwing it out and spend the holidays feeling guilty about climate change.
Finding a ribbon is the only way to successfully make wrapping look truly luxurious. Read a minimum of five wikiHow articles to learn how to tie one.

Find a box

Usually, the forgotten step but placing your carefully chosen present in a box will make the wrapping process easier and far less stressful.
Hopefully, you’ll have thought months ahead and saved up all of your Amazon delivery boxes in plenty of different sizes. If you’re in the unlucky majority, you’ll be spending much of your hard-earned cash on boxes this year. If you decide to wrap your present boxless, do your best to fold or arrange for present as close as you can into a square shape. Hopefully, you bought a book.

Try to remember what mum taught you

At this point you’re regretting that you didn’t pay more attention during the holidays when your mum put you in charge of sellotaping. How did you know this would end up being a valuable life skill? Now, there’s Sellotape everywhere, the least generic paper you could find is ripped, and you’ve had to book a massage to relieve the stress of it all.  

Forget all the above and let Shaku do it

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