All trends fade and re-emerge, and we love that the scarf-top trend is back. The scarf is once again a summertime staple re-worked into a chic halter top, wrap around bralette or one shoulder tie. 

We show you how to wear our Botanical Garden Scarf as a halter top with no sewing involved.

Follow the steps below to recreate the look:

  • You'll need a chain and safety pin for this look.
  • Fold the scarf in half diagonally.
  • Take the middle corner and fold the tip backwards. Secure the corner with a safety pin as to create a loop in the material.
  • Thread the chain through this loop, then secure the chain around your neck.
  • Take the two corners of the scarf and tie around your back twice.

Next, simply flourish in your new look halter top!