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Five ways to upgrade your style philosophy

Spring is a time for new beginnings, from the flowers that bloom to the new leaves on trees and newborn animals. But it’s also a time of reflection and refreshing our lives, and whilst spring cleaning may conjure up ideas of cleaning products and sponges, we can also spring clean other aspects of our lives; including our wardrobes and fashion philosophy. 

1. The Classic Clear Out 

We know you’ve heard it time and time again but there's a reason everyone suggests a wardrobe declutter at this time of year. It’s the perfect time to discard anything you no longer wear, that doesn’t fit your style, is irreparably broken or just something you feel you have got enough use from. Stick on some music, grab a friend or make it a peaceful affair and light some candles (like our Rose Candle to set a relaxing mood). However you chose to clear out, take it as a detox and an opportunity to reset. 

2. The Style Streamline

Spring and the transition into this season can be a great time to hone your style. Paired with a wardrobe clear out, it's the perfect opportunity to review and reflect on what you wear and how you wish to dress going forward. Try creating a vision board or Pinterest mood board to gather some new ideas or build on old styles you love. Perhaps deep within your wardrobe, there’s a piece waiting to catch you heart once again. 



3. The Accessories

Coco Chanel famously said, ‘take one piece of jewellery off before you leave the house’, and whilst we don’t always love over-accessorising, the little touches you add to an outfit can really transform it. If a lot of your clothes are feeling over-worn or uninspiring, the solution could be in revamping your collection of accessories. Adding a scarf, like our Tulip Tribe square silk scarf, can add some colour to any outfit or our Shaku Skinny scarves can be the perfect hair accessory. Even a hair clip or headband can make a huge difference to a look.  



4. The Environment

As we clear out and revamp our wardrobes, the next stage is considering how we put our chosen clothes back. It’s easy to forget that the layout of our storage spaces can dictate our style and the way we piece together outfits, after all if you can’t find that skirt then it’ll be those trousers again! Take care to consider which clothes you hang, and which you fold – even your silk scarves would be happier folded and in their box (see our article on storing your silk). A well organised closet and shelves with considered access to your favourite pieces can make getting ready a treasure trove of choices, improving your style and your mood.  

5. Recycle and Resell Your Clutter

Transitioning your style for spring is all about a re-fresh. But there’s only so much a declutter will do: once your wardrobe is cleansed, it’s time to recycle or resell your clothes. Resale will give you a little bit of extra money to re-invest in your closet. But, if you prefer, recycling or donating your old clutter is also a sustainable option. Feeling good about the lifecycle of your clothes, whether you buying second hand, sustainably or donating and recycling tired items, will change your style philosophy too. 

For more outfit inspo and scarf styling hacks, head to our Pinterest.

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