Large square scarves make an easy face covering tied like a bandana or knotted behind your head. Either method offers a comfortable and stylish way to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

We demonstrate how to create this look using our 'Lily' square scarf, a printed cashmere scarf that makes for a lightweight and breathable face covering, as well as a chic accessory. 


Do it yourself by following these steps:

  • Firstly ensure you wash your hands before touching the scarf.
  • Fold two opposite edges to the centre so that they meet in the middle. 
  • Fold in half to a width that will cover your nose, mouth and under your chin.
  • Take the ends, place against your face and tie at nape of your neck. You may need to tie your hair to prevent catching it in the knot.
Cashmere Face Covering

    Once you are ready to remove your face mask, remember to wash your hands before taking it off and to remove it by untying the knot at the back. Place the scarf in a plastic bag while you wait to have it cleaned. We recommend dry cleaning our cashmere blend scarves.

    We have a number of scarves in our Face Mask Edit that can be fashioned into creative and reusable face coverings. Once the need to wear masks has passed, you will still have a beautiful scarf that can be worn time and time again.